It may sound quite hideous when someone phone calls an individual Sapo, this means you realize that, if someone else phone calls an individual a Sapo, they likely dont want you indeed there.

Sample: Que person tan sapo(En) just how nosy you may be.

Que maricada

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Truly always involve a thing absurd, stupid or not valuable.

One example is: ?Esta llorando por esto? Que maricada. (EN) do you think you’re crying about it? Thats dumb.


A Pichurria is an activity that isn’t worthwhile, this is certainly insignificant.

Model: los cuales regalo brown pichurria o que boy tan pichurria. (En) just what a boring souvenir or That boyfriend happens to be a piece of dump.

Colombian Jargon Hi

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As a traveler i enjoy astonishing consumers by the actual considerably official tactics to talk in Spanish.

Extremely in Cuba, we talk about los cuales bola? as well as Mexico it is actually que pedo? as a substitute to an even more conventional hola or como estas?

In Colombia there are numerous ways to greeting people who are relatively distinctive from additional Spanish-speaking region.

They are the Colombian Spanish hi:


It is extremely popular in Colombia, its an informal form and its used with consumers you are already aware or family.

Quihubo! It’s an abbreviated and improved type of Que hubo, used as a conversation beginning. A

lthough any time mentioning fast, it appears similar to a ?Quihubo!

Que mas

?Que mas? Which basically ways precisely what else?, a lot of Colombians make use of this someone to declare Heya, how are things?

This can be used salutation in a phone call, through WhatsApp or even in individual.

If you decide to combine pues at the conclusion, like, ?Que mas pues? You are likely to sound very paisa, definitely anyone of Medellin.


?Buenas! is regarded as the popular means of greeting after you get at a location in Colombia.

Buenas is actually an abbreviated model of Buenos dias/Buenas tardes/ Buenas noches, in Colombia you just declare Buenas!

It really is good during the day, the day as well as the day. They Are Going To almost certainly in addition answer-back with a Buenas!

Como van las cosas

This kind of greeting practically indicates How become factors going, you can use it through cell conversation, WhatsApp or perhaps in people.

Its the best way to start a discussion due to the fact exact same question encourages one to inform a number of things just what has already happened.

Colombian Compliments

Colombian the male is people who dont brain admiring a womans luxury and enabling this model are able to tell very loudy.

Just like there are compliments that’ll stop being nearly as good, a variety of them make women look, either since it is comical or due to the fact girl certainly flattered.

If youre someone travel in Colombia it is far better really know what individuals are catcalling.

About Ayngelina

Perpetually inquisitive about border to be nosey, Ayngelina understands that the door for all great interactions commences with groceries. If she’s quiet it is because she actually is contemplating them after that dish.


I favor this. Local jargon is one of those activities that seems extremely difficult to determine before being in the environment. Thank you for the insider tips.

Camels & Dark Chocolate says

Oooh I love finding out jargon on the go! The most popular up to now is budgie smugglers (Speedos in Aussie). Although we communicate Spanish, Ive never ever noticed two those words and would wish to implement chimba! (exclamation level vital) into the each day vocabularyfor the just sounds than it i may combine, not its definition! Nearly seems like youre cutting outfit a tree: timber!

juan fierro says

If youre attending use chimba just put it to use with much closer pals, it cannot become really courteous, im Colombian incidentally.

Thanks for any technique!

I recognized speedily that Columbians don’t use the diminutive as much due to the fact individuals in key the country. Each time I would personally declare ahorita for ahora or cervecita for cerveza, they’d only snicker at me personally and tell me that we communicated foolish Mexican Spanish.

Colombians on the whole talk very evidently, albeit way quicker compared to central the united states. As soon as you move to Chile and Argentina, its another ballgame.

Sorry, which improper. I live in Colombia and experiencing -ita or -ica following a word is incredibly popular right here. In addition, the guide of helpful slang is truly merely helpful for people that literally talk virtually no Spanish. Any Spanish speaker would effortlessly understand these words. There are various construction which can be particular to each Latin-American nation, so I encourage any individual travel, or moving to a Spanish-speaking country to accomplish a simple online lookup to uncover what they’re.

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